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Daily Bull 9.6.16: your SEC West Roundup

Let’s do that again.

UCLA v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Whew. That was billed and hyped and talked up as the best opening weekend in college football ever, and it certainly didn’t disappoint...unless you were one of those teams that lost. The SEC West had a hell of a tough time of it; and as usual there is Alabama, then there is everyone else.

52-6 was a methodical disembowelment. It was a Dexter-style murder, where the entire scene was neatly taped with plastic and the victim sedated into unconsciousness until it was too late so that all struggle was futile and Saban’s clothes remained immaculately spotless. Kiffin was turned loose to exact a brutal revenge on the program that fired him in an airport. And they did it with a true freshman at QB. Be very afraid.

Arkansas edged by Louisiana Tech by one point. At home. Other than our OT win over #16 UCLA, this is it for the winner’s column in the finest division in college football for this week.

Auburn’s defense played an outstanding game against #2 Clemson. But the offense seemed to be a collection of random permutations coughed out by a 1985 Tandy desktop plugged into a hotplate and a 2-cycle gas generator. And LSU...oh to be an LSU fan and to try to make sense of this debacle must be a painful exercise indeed.

Then there’s Starkville. Last time a badly-outgunned and undermanned USA beat up on a supposed powerhouse it sent King George III of England spiraling into the oblivion of madness. Dan Mullen’s in for a similar year if he can’t find some answers.

You know what’s worse than almost blowing a 15-point lead in the second half against a ranked team? COMPLETELY blowing a 22-point lead and losing by two scores like Ole Miss did last night.

In summation, things could be worse. Things are a lot worse for some of our SECW brethren. That may not be the most inspiring of lessons to take from the weekend, but as it stands, we know what our team is capable of, we know what we need to improve upon, and we’re undefeated and more than likely going to jump into the polls.

It’s a good day.