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Off The Wood: Just Kidding Everyone

Texas A&M reverses course on the “off the wood” decision

Texas A&M University, via Twitter

Tuesday, students pulling tickets noticed that tickets had instructions telling them to step “off the wood,” which in Aggie parlance means “don’t stand on the bleachers.” But, as reported on Twitter by MyAggieNation, Texas A&M President Michael Young, and Athletics Director Scott Woodward announced a course reversal during Midnight Yell Practice, telling students that they may now stand “on the wood”.

This decision comes after some students and fans voiced their disapproval, even going so far as to create Twitter accounts like @StayOnTheWood to poll fans on their preferred standing location and petition for a reversal.

Fans attending the game can now focus solely on cheering as loudly as possible, perhaps proving to UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen that 100,000 fans are indeed louder than 50,000.