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Daily Bull 9.29.16. Let’s talk Highwaymen

Nothing touched the trigger but the Devil's right hand

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Heyo and happy Thursday. No time for tiddlywinks or jackassery.

PIVOT AWAY FROM DESPAIR. The mother ship did a bit of a deep dive on Sumlin and the A&M program and how the copter has seemingly been pulled up out of a tailspin into a Louisiana bayou. No mystery or secret sauce on how things got fixed - Sumlin plugged in coaches who know how to run the football, build continuity, and put players in positions to succeed. Oh, and Year 2 of John Chavis seems to be working nicely.

This feels kind of weird, doesn’t it? I’m not accustomed to having a defense that allows an offense to work it’s plan, punt if need be, and be patient waiting for its opportunity. Remember the Johnny team in 2013? Winning games was solely on the offense. If they had to punt, it was basically giving the opposition seven points. If this year’s team takes care of the football, capitalizes on the big play, and let’s the D do it’s thing - we’re cookin’ with gasoline and rocket launchers.

THAT’S SCIENCE, GANG. Sam Khan over at ESPN reported on how the A&M football team has used science to become a tougher team. Back in my day, using science was good way to get bullied. I’m one of three Aggies in history to loathe science. I mean - I respect science, I just have zero interest in it. I got a D+ in high school chemistry. So my tl;dr interpretation of Khan’s piece is this - the Ags used potions and solar systems and beakers and a volcano experiment in an effort to not be pussies on the offensive line. SCIENCE.

Q&A WHATEVER. Our brother blog for South Carolina - Garnet and Black Attack - asked me a bunch of SRSYSOUS football questions for Saturday’s game. I only do this #INDUSTRY for the jokes and the hottest of taeks, so it was very uncomfortable trying to answer valid, measured football questions. Ags are going to win, but this game has TRAP written all over it so don’t be surprised if the score is close at halftime and the play is a little sloppy.


I remembered just how Colorado my roots are because when I saw the headline I wondered what the street value of some red grass would be.