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Daily Bull 9.27.16 Longhorn T-shirts for sale

Can you teach me about tomorrow/ All the pain and sorrow / Running free? —Hootie

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NCAA Football: Independence Bowl-Miami vs South Carolina Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Top of the morning to all. It’s already Tuesday, and we’re well on our way to the weekend. Grab some caffeine, plop down in your chair and remind yourself just who we’re playing on Saturday. This ain’t your HBC’s football team.

AWW WELL AIN’T THAT CUTE. Some clever little viral Longhorns think they got a zinger in on us poor dumb Ags with this “Make Texas Great Again” t-shirt. With a theoretic wall built up around the southeast portion of the state. You know, the one with the largest city and port and vast amounts of resources and A&M and that is contiguous with the rest of the SEC. Go ahead and try to build it, but judging by their performance so far this season, they’ve had trouble keeping Californians and Midwesterners out of their territory, much less fellow Texans. Guess what? Texas is already pretty great: it’s got two top ten football teams in that little sliver that’s been so thoughtfully portioned out for us.

SORRY HOUSTON WE JUST USED YOU TO MAKE A POINT BUT NOW...We’re four weeks in. It’s almost October. It’s almost as if postseason predictions contain a faint trace of meaning at this point in the season, which is why Aggie Internet should be writing encouraging fan letters to Pat Forde, who dropped Tom Herman and the Coogz from his playoff prediction and added our very own Ags in their place. Now we can be nice to Pat online until his next perceived slight incites us to fill his timeline with raw vitriol and a deep-rooted burning hatred and mistrust. Gig ‘Em, Pat!

ONE MORE FAREWELL. Spencer Hall’s homage to Les Miles’ perfectly unique time at LSU is well worth the read.

Have a hell of a Tuesday.