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Texas Longhorns stress discipline with redesigned football uniform

After crushing loss, staff hopes new threads encourage ‘immediate recovery’

After giving up 50 points in a loss to Cal last Saturday, Texas head coach Charlie Strong regretted not making his team wear suits and ties on the flight to the west coast. After a long bye week of evaluation, they’ve fixed the problem, and Texas is style! Presenting the more formal uniform the Longhorns will wear against Oklahoma State on Oct. 1.

The double-breasted look recognizes Texas’ two wins so far in 2016.

Small touches accent the overall look, including a handkerchief that reminds Coach Strong what to do when down 7 with only a few minutes remaining. The “5” lapel pin has multiple meanings, referencing Charlie Strong’s five core values, honoring the 2015 team’s five wins, and remembering the “Florida 5,” wherever they may be.

Deep pleats combine maximum comfort with timeless style.

Ping pong paddle gloves remind players that win or lose, the real game is in the players’ lounge.