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The Kinda Daily Bull 9.23.16: let's kill some swine

"Tonight the bottle let me down
and let your memory come around
The one true friend I thought I'd found
Tonight the bottle let me down"
- Hag

Ed. Note: look, hey my bad that there was no DB yesterday. I had every intention of writing a scorcher while on my flight from California back to Texas yesterday morn. Taeks from 30,000 feet have the oxygen removed and are thus much fierier. That's science. Alas, United's WiFi would not allow me to log into my own site. Commie stuff. But here I am today.

[conveniently ignores that he's in the 2% of Ags that have never taken a real science class]

THANK YOU SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER. WE LIVED IT - Christian Kirk got his ass pasted on Saturday night in Jordan Hare. Damn fine football hit. We as fans FELT that hit through our tubes. That's about as hard of a clean hit as there is in 2016 college football. Thank God, Kirk is OK. He's taken the whole thing in stride and with some levity at his own expense (a trait completely foreign to most Aggies). This was the first massive jolt Kirk has taken in his college career. See, guys like him and Johnny Manziel flat out don't get hit hard. Way too fast and elusive. Anyway, Brent Z. dubbed Kirk "Mr. Everything" in his piece. I'm confident we can devise a better nickname in the 'mments. Don't say Captain Kirk, k?

THERE WAS A THE TAILGATE NATCH. In case you only drop by this site every handful of days (admirable), there was another installment of THE TAILGATE on Wednesday.

THE O-LINE IS PLAYING WELL [shifty eyes] MAYBE A LITTLE... TOO WELL. By FAR the biggest question I had/have about the 2016 Ags is the offensive line. The 2015 unit was soft, disorganized, and a technical mess. This year? Some young bucks are stepping up and there is some leadership as well.

COACH JUST LOOKING SMOOTH AF. Here are 8 important facts about Sumlin's style game from last weekend.

Have a helluva weekend. Beat the hell outta the piggies.