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Aggie Football hype video power rankings

Let’s be honest, you aren’t working anyway

Ryan Lochte Investigation Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the last day of the Aggie Football offseason, and it’s time to pay tribute to those who helped us get to this point: the hype video makers. They aren’t all created equal, but we love them all in their own special way.

So as you sit mindlessly at your desk today, muddling through one last workday before a full docket of mother effing college football this weekend, let these videos get your mind right.

(Also, shout out to 12th Man Productions and “The Pulse,” where the vast majority of this beautiful, high-res, slo-mo footage originated)

15. Bobby Gould:
Is that Katy Perry?

14. RamsNationTV

13. Ryan McColley-Perez
While this short film had some honest moments, like so many (well, two) before it, questionable soundtrack choices really take the viewer out of the moment.

12. Whitgames 1
What started off as a promising, if unoriginal, plot, ultimately leaves viewers with more questions than answers with a simple fade to black. Felt like all they were doing was setting up a sequel.

11. Jonathan Barragan
Yet another victim of the dubstep trend. If I find another and it wakes my wife up again she’s gonna be pissed.

10. TexAg92
A somber opening, tinged in black and white, lends a distinctly film noir aura, before giving way to a slow build of momentum. The 4:3 aspect ratio gives a very old school feel, a unique choice by the director. But the video really peaks starting at the 4:15 mark, showing graphics highlighting John Chavis and A&M’s incoming recruits. Those graphics were amazing. Man, who made those?

9. JCaggie6
While visually stunning, this ends up playing like every other superhero movie that’s come before it. Or maybe it was just the Batman quote that threw me off.

8. Monday MorningQB
In what plays as more of a slow burn, the director shows remarkable restraint compared to many of his directorial peers…and then it goes into four and a half minutes of a bad Thunderstruck cover.

7. Tim England
At this point I’d watched a lot of highlight videos and one that was less than a minute and showed something other than the highlights I’d already seen 10 times sounded pretty good.

6. Dane Taylor
Truly the most cinematic music of the bunch from a musical perspective.

5. TAMUHighlights
In a dramatic departure from the proven formula, this film focuses solely on the defense. And at nearly 8:30 minutes, it’s the Ben Hur of highlight videos.

4. Double C Studios
The soundtrack soars in this epic, complementing the visuals in a symphony of symmetry.

3. Cold Chedda
All kidding aside, this kid is really really good. Good music choices, tons of quick cuts and really keeps the momentum moving forward. His stuff is always amazing.

2. NonregAg2009
It was going to take a masterpiece to top Cold Chedda’s beast of a video, and that’s just what we were given. A very cinematic score, lots of beautiful Kyle Field footage, what’s not to like?

1. James Brown
In a stunning upset, this 30 second film came out of nowhere to take the crown. It was just so elegant in its simplicity. My god, it’s even got a watermark.

And there you have it. You’ve watched all of the best moments of 2015, some of them more than a dozen times. Now put them out of your mind, my friends, because a new season is about to begin.