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Daily Bull 9.19.16: Welcome Joe Tessitore

Saturday’s game should be magical

NCAA Football: National Football Hall of Fame-Press Conference Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


We’re 3-0, in the top 15, and about to face off against an old familiar foe. It’s full-swing football season. GIVE US SOME OF THAT TESS MAGIC!

This is real, and it is magnificent. Joe Tessitore has given us some fantastic games in 2016 so far. First it was Texas and Notre Dame on opening weekend. The week after that it was Arkansas-TCU. Now he’s got the Hogs again in a ranked matchup with the Ags, a game that has already gone into overtime for two straight years. Bring on the drama.

This is the first time since 2011 that both teams go into this game ranked. The first time as conference foes, and the first time with our current head coaches. Arkansas has spent the last couple seasons sputtering early and coming on strong late, but that’s not their blueprint this year. They’re large and tough and a little bit scary. This will be a great challenge for our front seven as well as our surprisingly decent revamped offensive line.

This is what college football was made for: an old-school rival in a ranked game that has plenty of SEC West implications. Let’s do it.