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By the Numbers: Texas A&M defeats Auburn 29-16

Some stats from the solid road victory

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

That was a good win. That was a solid, healthy, promising road SEC win.

ZERO. TURNOVERS. This is going to be a key this year as we trust our defense and rely on a more run-oriented, ball-control offense. We forced one turnover to come out ahead on the day.

2 SACKS. Myles Garrett did his thing, and when he wasn’t being unblockable he was creating general havoc in other ways.

2/15 Third down conversions. This is one area that’s got to improve. Ole Miss, Alabama, and even Arkansas do not have the offensive identity crisis that Auburn does and field goals won’t cut it.

5 Field goals. Great confidence booster for Daniel LaCamera.

7 for 98. Josh Reynolds had a nice game, catching that fine 51-yard bomb and then the slant TD a few plays later.

9 for 70. Penalties. This needs to be cleaned up too. We’d done okay in the first couple games.

13 TFLs. Auburn got their yards on the ground, but not when they needed them most. They never really got into a rhythm.

33 SHAAAAAN. We needed a good game out of a linebacker and we got it: 9 tackles, 1 TFL, and a QB Hurry.

42.0 average. Tripucka on seven punts. That includes two inside the 20 and two over 50 yards. Great, consistent play.

89 YARDS. How about this to salt the game away late? Runnin’ the dang ball.

231 rushing yards. By comparison, Auburn’s defense allowed 151 to #2 Clemson and 66 to Arkansas State. #MaroonGoons