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Good win tonight

Texas A&M v Auburn Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

In a game between two coaches that have been somewhat maligned by their fanbase, the Aggies and Kevin Sumlin came out with a decisive 29-16 win on the road. Good game, great performance by the defense and lots to talk about. Let’s break it down with four quick thoughts:


It feels like we made this game a bit too hard on ourselves. The running backs were chewing up yards yet we decided to put the on Trevor’s shoulders. 6 trips to the redzone of which 4 ended up with field goals after odd pass heavy play calls. I dont know if our offense is better than it was last year and it concerns me that we havent figured out how to get the ball to Kirk consistently...but then again last year’s offense only scored 10 against basically the same Auburn team.

The good news is that the OL managed to settle in after a rough first quarter against one of the better DLs they’ll see this year. Josh Reynolds did Josh Reynolds things and Trayveon Williams is a bonafide star in the making


Good and bad today. Finished 20/40 for 247 with 1 TD and no INTs. Not a beautiful stat line, but we never saw bad Trevor today which is a win. He still tends to roll back and to the right instead of confidently stepping into the pocket, but he did what he needed to do. Would still love for him to run the ball more—he’s a huge weapon when running and we need to scheme for that ability.


Mannnnnnnnnn they are good. They owned this game. We gave up 236 on the ground, but the defensive line never let the Auburn offense get into a groove at all. The QB was being pressured constantly and Myles was being Myles all night long. Still a lot to clean up, but Auburn is one of those teams that we just dont match up well and I thought that (despite the overall yardage numbers) the defense played very very well tonight


Hey credit where credit is due. LaCamera was a picture perfect (lololol) 5/5 on field goals. How long has it been since we had a consistently good kicker? #TripuckaforHeisman averaged 42 yards a kick along with a booming 60 yarder that should have also been a roughing penalty. Good night for our special teams


This was a big game for us. This game sets the tone for the next few big games and puts us in good position with a good level of confidence against a tough Arkansas team. Every week we get one step closer to really finding out how good this team is...and despite the questions on offense I think we’re in position to win a decent number of games this year.

BTHO arkansas