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Daily Bull 09.14.16 - You Damn Kids And Your Moves

Washington State has broken Mike Leach

Colorado v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Usually when people move from west Texas to Washington, it’s because they want to live out their days kayaking rivers, hiking the beautiful forests, and getting lit in vineyards under the premise of “tasting”. For many it’s a place to recapture your spirit.

For Mike Leach it has been soul-sucking hellscape, a place where any other human emotions he might have once experienced have been replaced by despair and resentment.

Observe Leach in the height of his Texas Tech heyday, giving the local weather report in the way only he could:

Now on Monday it says bad stuff, serious storms. Well, you’re gonna be dead in a hundred years anyway - live dangerously. I would go opposite of that. I mean that’s just too strong, too much, it says bad weather and the thing on the screen there is just a little too sure of it for my taste. Me personally? Expect sun.

That man had life. He had joy, and spirit, and cajones.

Now let’s go to WSU, where the Cougars play football in a manner which makes you question if they have been apprised of all of the rules of the game:

Old man Leach is just tired of you damned millenials and your “pokemans” and your snapchats and Bill O’Reilly says you’re all on the meth. World’s goin’ to hell in a handbasket.

There is nothing sadder than the thought that somewhere in Washington tonight a man will be sitting in the dark, drinking a 15 year old scotch and longing for a time when he lived in Lubbock.