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Daily Bull 9.13.16

“The [SEC] West is the toughest conference in football. I don’t even think it’s close.” - Gus Malzahn

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

GOTTA WIN IN THE TRENCHES in the SEC PAWWWWL. We’ll hit you with an almost aggressive amount of preview coverage as the week moves on, but in the interim I’d like to suggest a recent fanpost that highlights the human element of this Saturday’s matchup. Through two weeks we are much, much better at imposing our will at the line of scrimmage, and the point of attack will likely tell the story this Saturday night.

Auburn isn’t the toughest test of the season, and it certainly isn’t the most important test... but it’s the next test. And success in the West is usually defined by your ability to destroy the thing six inches in front of you. Here’s hoping we put it together for the third week in a row.

ACROSS THE TRACKS our bouncy hoops team received some uncharacteristically bad news, as Top 100 recruit and surefire instant contributor Deshawn Corprew was ruled an ‘academic non qualifier’ by the NCAA yesterday. It’s not the end of days, but it’s certainly rough news for a team trying to recover from the departure of four senior starters.

In other news, the program announced that we can all enjoy our 2017 Thanksgiving turkey with a side of hoops.

OH MAN TWELVE HOURS OF TAILGATING this is fine everything is fine. Next week’s game against Arkansas was officially slated for an 8PM kick-off time on ESPN, which allows the most enterprising among us to put in one heck of a shift at the smoker/cooler. There’s plenty of #BERT #content coming your way next week, but for now... make plans to pace yourselves, friends. Late kickoffs are a marathon, not a sprint.