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Scattershooting - Week 2

No such thing as a bad college football Saturday, the reverse magical powers of a mullet, and the road ahead.

BYU v Utah
The Holy War in Utah
Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Joe Germaine…

  • After all of these years, even the diehard fans like myself forget that there’s no such thing as a crappy week in college football. Yes, the schedule may appear to be loaded with lopsided games, zero marquee matchups, and very little national interest. But that’s never what we get.  So we are treated with Central Michigan-Oklahoma State. And TCU-Arkansas. Pitt-Penn State. Utah-BYU. Arizona State-Texas Tech, and Wazzu-Boise State. All of those were outstanding games, some involving hated rivalries, spread throughout the day Saturday. Your annual reminder: There is no such thing as a bad Saturday of college football.
  • I want all TV commercials to involve Bo Jackson, Matthew McConaughey, college mascots, and the Heisman House.
  • As evidenced in the header pic above, the Holy War featured both teams wearing their home color jerseys. And it was fantastic. Love the red and blue with a nice stark contrast on the field together. Granted, this wouldn’t work for all teams. OU and Alabama don’t need to roll out in their home colors because it would get confusing real damn quick. But this should be done more often. Ohio State-Michigan would look outstanding.  Who else?
  • I’ve decided to name the Central Michigan-Oklahoma State upset the "Stillwater Waterfall Miracle" in honor of Mike Gundy’s ever growing mullet.  Does it contain reverse magical powers?  Will he realize it in time to save their season?  Or does he stand at the podium after Bedlam with a 4-8 team and a mullet down to his waist?!?!
  • This week in Crappy-MS Paint
  • The next four games are going to be stressful, crazy, extremely fun, and very well could define our season.  Four straight SEC games. Two on the road, one at Jurrah World, and one at Kyle Field. This is no time to get queasy as fans. This is the best part of college football. Let’s Enjoy The Ride.
  • I bet the Texas Tech and ASU fans had fun playing beer pong, ladder golf, and Guess-My-STD at the tailgates on Saturday.
  • There are still columnists, fans, and talking heads that want to cast blame on Kevin Sumlin for the way Johnny Manziel’s career and life have gone post-A&M. I disagree with this line of thinking, but it raises a question.  Do these same people want to give Sumlin credit for Kenny Hill's turnaround and success at TCU, since Sumlin took a hard line stance with him while at A&M?  Nah, they just want to chalk it up as another QB transfer under his watch.