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Daily Bull 9.12.16: It’s Auburn week.

Good morning. It’s time for SEC football.

NCAA Football: Arkansas State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

BARN CHEATIN’ PAWWLL That’s right Auburn’s opened up as favorites against our Ags. With as streaky as these two teams are, I wouldn’t bet on this game unless I were Scrooge McDuck stupid rich. The Tigers’ D looked pretty good against Clemson in week 1 and they rushed for approximately 7,000 leagues this weekend against Arkansas State, Malzahn’s old stomping ground. They’ll have home field advantage which has been the advantage zero times in the past four seasons of this series. SEC West play is here this week, so get your Internet gameface on. Cruise over to College and Magnolia to see what kind of GIF skills their comment threads have.

ONE MORE AL.COM LINK THEN THAT’S IT WE PROMISE. Rhett Lashlee is not an auxiliary character from Steel Magnolias. He’s Auburn’s offensive coordinator, and he’s dishing on the upcoming matchup with the Ags with gems like this:

- "This A&M bunch is playing really well."

Aw, shucks, you know we’re just gonna go out and execute, hope for the best. [adjusts visor; clenches sides of podium]

CONFIDENCE MAN. Gus Malzahn is a renowned offensive guru, which is why the abysmal showing against Clemson in week one was such a letdown. But the Tigers bounced back nicely against uh, Arkansas State, so Coach Gus is feelin’ pretty good about his chances this week. This has the chance to be one of the sneaky-good SEC matchups of the year with our defense going up against that rushing attack.

Conference play is here. Let’s have some real fun. And make sure Gus doesn’t hit up Waffle House after the game.