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POST GAME THOUGHTS: Texas A&M defeats Prairie View 67-0

Solid outing for the Aggies

Prairie View v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Hey I know it’s “only” PVAMU, but on a day where we saw Georgia barely beating Nicholls State, Clemson struggling with Troy and then Okie State losing (holy crap what a finish) to Central Michigan, a win over any opponent is a good thing...especially when it’s a dominant 67 point (only two away from being #nice) shut out win (first shut out at Kyle Field since 2004 Wyoming). It’s hard to nitpick a dominant win like that but here are a few quick thoughts on the Aggies outing today



Knight finished 21/37 for 344 yards passing and 78 yards (11.1 YPC average!) in a little over a half of work. He moved the ball pretty consistently through the offense and finally found a way to get on the same page as Christian Kirk. I think the gameplan was to make Trevor throw the ball and not rely solely on the RBs to win the game. On the whole Trevor did a good job today—hard to argue with a performance that netted over 400 yards


We still saw a few glimpses of bad trevor. A few overthrown balls, and an odd interception in the end zone. Trevor and Mazzone are still getting to know each other right now and we’re all still trying to figure out how Trevor fits into the offense as a whole so we can build to his strengths. To me he looks best when we get him on a controlled run outside of the pocket. Obviously PVAMU isn’t quite the caliber of our next opponent so it will be interesting to see what kind of wrinkles we unleash next week.


I thought our first string offensive line played really well today. It seems like in the past we used to struggle with basic assignments against mediocre teams, but today our OL did their job and handled the PVAMU defensive line. Trevor had plenty of time to throw the ball and the running game averaged 7.3 yards a carry. You can really see Jim Turner’s coaching ability starting to turn this OL into a solid SEC group. I’m pretty pleased with what we saw today


PVAMU got 205 total yards today and we got the shutout. Good day for our defense. However, our third down defense early in the game was lacking. Much of that was due to Trey Green extending plays with his legs and making something out of nothing, but it seemed like we had no issue getting them into 3rd down but then we struggled mightily to get them off the field. Another thing to clean up, and again it’s a easier to clean things up after a win than it is after a loss.


Great day today. Can’t complain about anything. We got a lot of good stuff on film to look at this week and a few things to improve as we move into the meat of our schedule. Everyone should feel really good about this game and how it propels us into our conference schedule.

BTHO auburn