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Daily Bull 9.1.16 - Kick Start my College Football Heart

“Do you remember twenty-first night of September? Before you go cold like December... And all you saw was a cloudy day” - Earth Wind and Fire

Washington State v UCLA Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images


IT’S REALLY HERE, Y’ALL. Like most things Australian, Cal and Hawaii didn’t actually count last week. Today is the beginning of September, college ball starts tonight, and I am JACKED.

Never mind that Texas has nothing that even faintly resembles a traditional autumn. That 95 degrees today will FEEL crisper just because college football is being played. I am a naturally ornery person, so I like to reset each day with a little gratitude.

Do you remember what we had to wade through between Alabama vs. Clemson and NOW? Humans live-tweeting baseball games. I had to pretend to care about the Olympics lest I be viewed as a turncoat. And when the HELL did soccer become a year-round sport? Moreover, who are the grown adults with the flexibility in their schedules to watch these matches in the middle of a Wednesday while sipping overpriced beer from a stemmed glass while having the gall to live-tweet a sport with less action than a Mormon spring break in Mecca.

Point is - we’re finally back. The best sport on God’s green earth is back to distract you from your families and crucial life responsibilities. For that, I’m forever grateful. Now, YOUR GAMES 2NITE PEWPEWPEWPEW:

Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016
Matchup Time (ET) TV / Streaming
Charlotte at (19) Louisville 7:00 p.m. FSN / WatchESPN
UT Martin at Cincinnati 7:00 p.m. ESPN3
Tulane at Wake Forest 7:00 p.m. WatchESPN
Maine at UConn 7:00 p.m. ASN / ESPN3
Presbyterian at Central Michigan 7:00 p.m. ESPN3
Appalachian State at (9) Tennessee 7:30 p.m. SECN / WatchESPN
Indiana at FIU 7:30 p.m. ESPNU / WatchESPN
William & Mary at NC State 7:30 p.m. WatchESPN
South Carolina at Vanderbilt 8:00 p.m. ESPN / WatchESPN
Southern Utah at Utah 8:00 p.m. Pac-12N /
Jackson State at UNLV 8:00 p.m. MWN
Rice at WKU 8:00 p.m. CBSSN
Oregon State at Minnesota 9:00 p.m. BTN / BTN2Go
South Dakota at New Mexico 9:00 p.m. ROOT Sports
Montana State at Idaho 9:00 p.m. ALT / ESPN3
Weber State at Utah State 10:00 p.m. MWN

Sure, it’s not nearly as good as Saturday’s lineup. In fact, it’s kind of paltry. Need to spice things up? I recommend gambling. More specifically, wager an amount that induces a little bit of nausea when the ball kicks off.

HEY, THE ‘PPONENT SCOUTED US. Our SB Nation brother site, Bruins Report, took the time to scout out A&M. And we here at GBH have the #INDUSTRY access, insight, and courage to link back to their scouting report.

HERE’S WHAT AGS NEED TO KNOW I GUESS. The Dallas Morning Content Farm News outlines the five key things A&M fans need to know before this weekend’s game. SPOILER: Josh Rosen is really good! And maybe a Democrat! EEEK.

GET TO KNOW T. KNIGHT. CBS sat down with Trevor Knight to talk whatever. “Well aw shucks just blessed to be a part of this university and this team yes sir it’s a privilege to talk to you hardworking honest journalists no sir never a splash of that satan juice vodka in my sweet tea no sir.”

He’s a really good guy. Let’s hope he can play QB in the SEC West.

It’s time for college football. I hope you love it.