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WATCH: Things you don’t know about Aggie QB Trevor Knight

“an excellent folder of towels and clothes”

NCAA Football: SEC Media Day Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

This is a great look from @SEConCBS at some of the more obscure facts about starting Texas A&M QB Trevor Knight:

Knight can fold laundry like nobody’s business, y’all. Just stacks and stacks of it without tiring or losing interest. He makes beds with a military precision, the creases sharp and the corners all squared away. He is “obsessed” with Double-Stuf Oreos...we’re not just talking “likes to eat them with milk” levels of appreciation, but possibly “regularly DMs with official Twitter account and is considering neck tattoo” territory. The man’s been to Haiti four times, and Mexico once. His knowledge of the tropics is unrivaled by anyone else on the team. This is your starting Aggie quarterback.