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WATCH: Texas A&M Football coaches address the media

It's 'talk about' time

NCAA Football: SEC Media Day Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday brought the first weekly press conference of the 2016 season, as Head Coach Kevin Sumlin, Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone and Defensive Coordinator John Chavis addressed the media as Texas A&M prepares to face UCLA on Saturday, Sept. 3. You can watch the video of each coach’s session below.

Kevin Sumlin, Head Coach

  • How the offensive line has gelled
  • Keys to starting off the season well (and hopefully ending it well)
  • Armani Watts is good at football
  • On A&M being 1-7 against ranked teams at Kyle Field
  • Sumlin’s relationship with Jim Mora
  • Three walk-on players recently put on scholarship
  • How will offensive tempo compare to previous seasons?
  • Trevor Knight’s leadership

Noel Mazzone, Offensive Coordinator

  • Erik McCoy starting at center as a redshirt freshman
  • Preparing for UCLA DE Eddie Vanderdoes
  • What did you see out of UCLA QB Josh Rosen when you recruited him?
  • What’s the biggest difference between SEC teams and Pac 12 teams?
  • Will you tried to disguise what you do since UCLA is so familiar with it?
  • Who’s more excited for this game, you or Trevor Knight?
  • Biggest adjustment coming from UCLA to A&M
  • How do you think the environment at A&M fits into the SEC?

John Chavis, Defensive Coordinator

  • Starting his second year at A&M
  • What have you seen out of UCLA Josh Rosen?
  • Progression of young cornerbacks
  • Will Donovan Wilson see time at cornerback?
  • Importance of pressuring UCLA QB Josh Rosen
  • Stopping the run is a priority
  • Preparing for a new offensive system at UCLA
  • Is it bad for your leading tackler to be a safety?
  • Matchup of Myles Garrett and Daeshon Hall against UCLA tackles
  • Development of Armani Watts, other young players
  • How does departure of Josh Walker affect linebackers?
  • Should we expect some surprise players on defense on Saturday?
  • Anxious to see improvement
  • What makes UCLA QB Josh Rosen so good?