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Daily Bull 8.25.16

Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You might remember me from such self-help videos as "Smoke Yourself Thin", and "Get Confident, Stupid."

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[Judge Smails Voice] SPAULDING... Feels like we haven't heard much out of UCLA. To be expected I reckon when you're dealing with a highly academic basketball school located in the most terminally cool and aloof city on earth. It's hard to get Los Angelenos to care about anything beyond a mirror reflection or name-dropping. That's always made UCLA somewhat of a riddle and why they always make those College Football Sleeping Giant lists (alongside A&M, natch). UCLA exists on a country club campus in endless 75 degree and sunny weather surrounded by some of the nation's best talent and not many programs to recruit against. Not to mention, the Bruins play in one of the most historic sports venues in the world. And yet, all those ELITE ingredients have congealed together into a very meh stew over the years. Like a dime-a-dozen starlet in that cursed city, it takes a lot of time and money to look that apathetic.

So what's going down at UCLA as they prep to come to the Los Angeles of Brazos County? Our brother blog, Bruins Nation, has a status update on football amid countless August basketball articles.


Vince Vaughn is a treasure and I resent him for not working more. The last time Vince Vaughn spent this much time on a football field he was in Coach Ara Parseghian's doghouse in the film Rudy.

FRESH FIVE OMG. The Cow Town Star-Telegram outlines the five new dudes who could make the biggest impact on 2016's fortunes:

  • Trevor Knight, QB
  • Keith Ford, RB
  • Erik McCoy, C
  • Priest Willis, CB
  • Trayveon Williams, RB

HE GONE. Sumlin clarified last night that linebacker Josh Walker's suspension for domestic violence is indefinite and that he is at home with family. Reading the tea leaves, Walker is done with football at A&M. Sumlin did what he had to do. Tough pill to swallow at a position that is perpetually thin in College Station. Hate watching young guys destroy their futures in a matter of seconds. Hate much more when women get abused. Hopefully this message is driven home deeply to the other young men in the program.

HEY! We get football tomorrow night!