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CBS Sports Expert Picks: Texas A&M Football is very good...maybe?


NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Texas A&M Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports released their college football staff’s overrated, underrated, and surprise picks for 2016, and more than one writer has high hopes for the Aggies. Here are the highlights:

  • despite their admitted better judgment, four of the experts selected Texas A&M as the “most underrated” team and a sleeper pick for the West
  • Robbie Kalland thinks that Texas A&M will finish above Ole Miss in the SECW
  • Tom Fornelli has Texas A&M BEATING BOTH ALABAMA AND LSU OH MY GRACIOUS and finishing 2nd in the West
  • Jerry Palm and Jon Solomon both think the Aggies will finish 6th in the SECW

What do we think? Second place or sixth? Somewhere in between? Which of these experts should be lauded for their vision and bravery (besides Tom, obviously)? Your picks in the comments.