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Dail Bull 8.22.16: The Aggie-Longhorn Olympics

I know that I should leave, but then...
I just can't go on - you win again.
—Hank Williams

Western Carolina v Texas A&M Photo by Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images

SEC SPEEEEED IN RIOOO. There were plenty of Olympians in Brazil this month with SEC ties, and they brought home a staggering combined 47 medals. Get the full details here and yes there were even some run-ins with the law so don’t forget that Ryan Lochte is a Florida man.

SPEAKIN A BRAGGIN’ RIGHTS. Aggie DeAndre Jordan was on the gold-medal winning hoops team (TEAM AMERICA) and he injected his own brand of levity at the medal ceremony.

OHOHOHO BUT WAIT. The DMN is eager to point out—and this is peak third week in August here—that the Longhorns got more medals than the Aggies! So if each school were its own country, guess which one would be superior? Or more populous? Or harbor the deeper burning hatred for the other? Fortunately for all fans involved, no one even cares about this rivalry and certainly no one fixates on obscure metrics as a form of dick-measuring anymore, nope.

Play the damn game again, please.

GET EM TRA. You know who did all the heavy lifting last year but never won a medal? Tra Carson. He led the Bengals in carries in their preseason game the other night. Shoulder that load and may you carry your Monday as gracefully.

Back to the future like Marty Mcfly

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