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Daily Bull 8.19.16

“My thirsty wanted whiskey, and my hunger needed beans” - Waylon Jennings

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

OH WE’RE SO DAMN CLOSE TO FOOTBALL. Felt the nip in the air in Houston yesterday - only 91 degrees with 15,000% humidity. FLEECE SEASON, GANG. Get out those furs, River Oaks heifers. I digress. Truth is, we play ball TWO WEEKS from tomorrow. Now, your daily dose of bbq (spicy) sausage links:

HOW DID PATTON WIN WARS? PING PONG. How do you remedy a program coming off a 5-7 season riddled with historically embarrassing losses? A program that’s been a train wreck at the quarterback position for nearly seven years despite being smack dab in the middle of the best recruiting land for the position in the nation. A program that’s had the coaching staff unity of a pack of roaches under a spotlight. A program that spins the scourge of horrid player development into "we’re so young!" WHAT IS THE REMEDY, DOCTOR? Ping pong. Yeah no seriously. This is the big news coming out of Longhorn camp - the players don’t hate each other and like to play ping pong. Light the tower.

CROOT SOME CHIPS. As fans, we like to think the team with the most gritty church leaguers and aw shucks hard scrabble boys win championships. Not true. The data overwhelmingly shows that the National Championship is won by teams that recruit at an ELITE level. This is also a handy way for the recruiting #INDUSTRY services hacks to validate their existence on this condemned planet. Anyway, according to our buddy BUD, there are currently 13 teams that have recruited at a high enough level to win the National Championship. And hot damn - we’re in it:

The 13 teams to reach the blue-chip threshold this year are AlabamaUSCOhio State,LSUNotre DameFlorida StateMichiganAuburnUCLATexas A&MGeorgia, Clemson, and Texas.

Now - do I think we’re going to win the natty this year? NO. It also doesn’t help that half of the rest of our division is on this list. What it tells me is this - 1) Want to win a National Championship? Hell, want to win the SEC West? You best recruit your ass off. 2) Sumlin is recruiting at a historically high level at A&M. I trust the man’s process.

UCLA vs. A&M - QUARTERBACK TIME. This is a really nice breakdown of the compelling quarterback match up we’ll be watching in a couple weeks. Josh Rosen is the best pro prospect quarterback in the country. Kid can sling it. Trevor Knight is trying to create a legacy on a path he probably never expected to take. With (feigned) respect to Chad Kelly, Rosen is the best quarterback our promising defense will face all season.


From our buddy Bruce:

Team got inspired yesterday. Good stuff.

The ball would never touch the turf if Cam Newton was throwing to Armani Watts:

Have a peach of a weekend, you guys. Do something thoughtful for someone you love that isn’t into college football. This is one of your last chances before disappearing into the abyss until January. Godspeed.