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Daily Bull 8.18.16

"I'll always come back to you" - The Isley Brothers

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***Programming Note*** Hey, gang. Gards here. We know the Daily Bull isn't always, well, Daily. We appreciate that you even notice and care enough to voice your displeasure and make your jokes. Adorable scamps. Here's the deal - we, like you, have full time jobs that are not GBH. Sometimes life happens. Family members get sick, we get held hostage in conference rooms, etc. Sometimes it's just August, you're all out of the office anyway, and we can't bear to aggregate #content that is mostly just lazy conjecture and lists. Thanks for understanding. Personally, there is nothing I like more than yelling my most asinine takes through my keyboard into a Daily Bull. You, the GBH commentariat, are what makes this whole pirate ship worth it. Gig 'em and hugs. Now, back to your kinda regularly scheduled idiocy:

GETTIN' DUSTY IN HERE. As a general life rule, I think twice before listening to fellas named Dusty. They're often of the grifter or gypsy stock. Unpleasant. You might recall a man by the name of Dusty Dvoracek. He was a very promising football player at OU and actually overlapped his time with Coach Sumlin. Ol' Dust had some rage issues that got in the way of his football career and has now clawed his way back into the spotlight as an analyst for ESPN. Dusty has spent the last handful of years covering the Oklahoma program closely and has some thoughts on Trevor Knight. He voiced those on Finebaum this week. tl; dr - a renegade named Dusty has "concerns" about Trevor Knight's ability to perform at A&M. Or, more likely, this is just some good ol' Big 12 sour grapes. Dusty doesn't like A&M (it's easy to forget how much we and the Sooners hate each other) and doesn't like that Knight transferred to be an Aggie. Remember: it's August, OK?

BEST CASE WORST CASE. You've probably made your peace (see: righteous indignation) that no one really has any damn clue how good or bad A&M will be this year. That's OK! Makes sports fun. Our buddy Ben Baby (fun phrase) took a stab at the absolute BEST CASE and WORST CASE scenarios for the 2016 team. How does an 11-1 regular season and Playoff berth sound? Conversely, we could go 6-6, the earth would be scorched, we'd wander aimlessly, fire everyone, and hire Major Applewhite or some shit. I kid, of course. More likely: we're somewhere in the middle - say, 9-4. We might be able to live with that, but HOW we lose those four games will be critical.

GOOD BULL. Our hearts remain with our brothers and sisters in Louisiana that are dealing with all this flooding. In a great effort of compassion, South Carolina - who received some help from Louisiana folk when they got flooded - are returning the favor. Good SEC bull, Cocks and Tigers.

There are a lot of ways you can chip in with the relief efforts if you feel led. Geaux Tigers.

#TBT. Almost one year ago, some enterprising, aspiring Longhorn rapper lacking all self-awareness decided to release a music video to the world. Naturally, we here at GBH took this flaming piece of shit and ran it through the timely VH1 Pop Up Video machine. As for the Horns, well, they took the inspiration from the video, went up to South Bend, and got absolutely drilled 38-3. Take a walk down memory lane:

Have a helluva Thursday, you guys.