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Daily Bull 8.11.16

She likes the Beatles and I like the Stones
She likes romantic movies I like Indiana Jones
She goes to church and I stay at home
Oh she likes the Beatles and I like the Stones
- William Clark Green

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

REST IN PEACE. Former Texas A&M football coach Tom Wilson passed away yesterday after a two year battle with cancer. Coach Wilson was 72. Wilson was an All-Conference quarterback at Texas Tech and brought his gunslinger football ways to College Station. Wilson's teams threw the ball all over the yard back in a time when no one was - particularly in Texas with the wishbone, veer, and wing-T offenses. Wilson passed in his hometown of Corsicana. Rest in peace, Coach. Here.

BOWL PROJECTIONS BECAUSE IT'S AUGUST AND WE'RE ALL LOSING IT. It's hotter than effing eff balls. BALLS SO HOT. We're all so damn desperate for college football. The actual content worth a damn coming out of journos has been pinched off to a dribbling trickle. I can't take any more WATCH LISTS, HOT TAEK PREDICTIONS, or PRE-SEASON ALL CONFERENCE TEAMS that don't amount for shit.

So, here are some BOWL PROJECTIONS. A&M is predicted to go to Belk to play Virginia Tech which isn't the worse thing in the world if you overlook another year of flaccid mediocrity. Going out east would be a change of pace, and Virginia Tech is basically us but with less entitlement and trucker speed.

SPEAKING OF LOSING IT. 16 year old boys change their minds. Middle aged men react dramatically. This is all normal.

LESS MUFF MORE TUFF. Last year, the offensive line was about as tough as a cotton candy held by a kitten in a French cafe. Here's hoping they grew some spine and give-a-damn. I believe in you, Maroon Goons. MORE GOON, LESS PO-- well yeah you get it.

Have a nice Thursday, animals.