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Daily Bull 8.1.16

Well I went down to Houston and I stopped in San Antone
I passed up the station for the bus
Was trying to find me something but I wasn't sure just what
I ended up with pockets full of dust.
- Ryan Adams

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

REST PEACEFULLY. In a truly tragic story, former Texas A&M All-American Antonio Armstrong and his wife have passed away after being shot by their son. Armstrong was an incredible football player and - by all accounts - a much better man. He leaves a remarkable legacy having had impact on many peoples’ lives in the community. Prayers for the family.

HEY! THAT WAS INCREDIBLY DUMB AND TOTALLY AVOIDABLE! Unless you live a life separated from the hyperbole, vitriol, and idiocy of the internet (lame, imo) then you’re well aware of what occurred at last week’s A&M Football "Chalk Talk" for women. Coach Turner and Coach Banks ripped a page from the forgettable Jim Belushi SNL era and offered up hacky, poorly executed, sexist quips to an audience of females eager to talk football and have some fun. Sure, Turner and Banks should have known better, but I blame A&M’s PR team most of all. I’m a realist. I don’t expect men who’ve spent a life dedicated to teaching massive boys how to destroy one another to have the capacity to think on their feet and deliver couth and charm to a room full of women.

INSTEAD, the A&M PR team should have:

  1. Made the PowerPoint slides (with animations!)
  2. Written/vetted the content
  3. Coached the coaches

We all know PR isn’t a real job, so I’m not surprised this happened, but next time how’s about we circle up for a powwow before appearances, mmk?

Everyone would have had a peachy evening, we would have been spared some musty humor, and two very important coaches wouldn’t be suspended weeks before the season. Let’s just say this doesn’t happen in Tuscaloosa.

Oh - and a kind F-U to lazy national journos who needed #content between Media Days and Fall Camps starting. Your faux outrage is a thin veneer over your lack of creativity and originality. Thanks for the think pieces, heroes.

BUY THIS CROOT A ROOT BEER. Recruiting industry services grinders are known for a number of things:

  1. Believing in their bones that the existence of college football hinges on their efforts.
  2. Working around the clock texting and Twitter DMing 16 year old boys with the hopes of stepping into some weird pseudo stepdad role with influence.
  3. Tipping 5% of a Buffalo Wild Wings tab.

Anyway, a 4-star recruit in SEC country had a planned public announcement on where we was going to commit. Standard stuff - the whole hat parade at a high school in front of aforementioned #INDUSTRY grinders who frankly shouldn’t be allowed within five football fields of a high school.

Well instead of committing to Alabama, LSU, or Ole Miss, blue chip recruit Todd Harris committed to... his high school. This is a motivational scheme that would have been drawn up by Buddy Garrity. Not bad at all, Todd. I like to believe this is one big troll job on the recruiting industry who went way out of their way to be present at this non-commitment. They responded in kind!

Wolken's "we" better be directed at journo's and recruiting services personnel.

Be unprofessional and commit to your high school today, readers. I commit to the Fort Collins High School Lambkins.

POSITION BATTLEBOTS! Look for the following battles in Fall Camp:

1. Running Back

2. Middle Linebacker

3. Cornerback

We get college football this month, kiddies. Get geeked and amped.