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Daily Bull 7.7.16 - preseason listicles and rivalries.

"Enjoy every sandwich" - Warren Zevon

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^^^this t-shirt blew its sense of taste off in a drunken firework accident^^^

MEDIA DAYS A'COMIN'. Which is a bigger waste of time and money?

  1. A bunch of disinterested and annoyed coaches answering lazy questions from hundreds of journos that will ultimately all parrot back the same story to their various audiences. Meanwhile, interesting players are over-coached to not say anything interesting when asked more of the aforementioned lazy queries. Flights, hotel rooms, and HEFTY buffet bills are footed by dying newspapers.
  2. Stacks of crisp greenbacks being burned under a microscope by the hot summer sun for a week by destructive, snot-nosed eight year olds.

Regardless, everybody will be making the annual July pilgrimage to Hoover goddamn Alabama. It's like a debutante ball or beauty pageant but with slightly more vanity, pomp, and aggressively codependent handlers. A southern tradish unlike any other.

Might as well make it an amusement park, as Doc suggests. Stick around there for the comments.

COACH IS TAKING GOOD ONES. Joining Sumlin in Hoover are three outstanding representatives of Aggie football in QB Trevor Knight, WR Ricky Seals-Jones, and DE Myles Garrett. Can't imagine coach taking three better guys from this team.

HEY, CROOTIN' GOING WELL. In case you are one of the fortunate, balanced adults who don't follow the whims of pube-sprouting teenage boys - a brief update: Sumlin is rolling right now in recruiting. Things are looking peachy. But if we've learned anything it is this - momentum must be carried into January or much of this might all be for naught. Carry on with your worthless little lives. Eat at Arby's.

HEY, IT'S JULY, K? Unis coming.


OPEN POLL QUESTION: if Sumlin were permitted to take five players to SEC Media Days, who would you recommend he give the fourth and fifth slots to?