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Daily Bull 7.25.16: Defensive Line Cookout

Coach Terry Price has the grill fired up again

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

It’s 7 a.m. on a Monday. Some of us are just settling in at work for another monotonous work week as an expendable cog in vast machine. Others might be having their coffee. The luckiest folks are still abed: the work-from-home crowd or those wise souls who take Mondays off once in a while.

But not Coach Terry Price. Coach Terry Price is playing with fire and doing what he loves best in his free time: carefully crafting massive amounts of smoked meats for one of the best defensive line groups in the conference.

This is just the appetizer. The test batch. To be cut into small slices and served with hard blocks of sharp cheddar on crackers with maybe some jalapenos and onions as the CHIEF cooking trailer puts the final touches on its massive payload for the hungry crowd.

Because when Kingsley Keke, Hardreck Walker, Daylon Mack, Qualen Cunningham, Myles Garrett, Daeshon Hall, and the entire position group shows up, you’re not just relying on one Little Green Egg. These are large hungry men trained to hunt prey. You keep these large men happy by feeding them massive amounts and pushing them to make other groups of large men look silly.

The barbecue debate is as old and pointless as the Internet itself, but without being a connoisseur or purist, we’re willing to state that what Coach Price is cooking up is pretty damn good. And we definitely won’t be thinking of these large slabs of tender smoked goodness, clear juices running through slits of perfectly-browned bark, while eating our slices of turkey and raw carrots today at lunch nope definitely not.

Have a fun Monday, and Gig ‘Em, Coach Price and the D-Line.