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Daily Bull 7.21.16

"I've always been different with one foot over the line
Winding up somewhere one step ahead or behind
It ain't been so easy but I guess I shouldn't complain
I've always been crazy but it's kept me from going insane"
- Waylon

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

!HOT SEAT THERMOMETER GAME! You have to love the beat jockey journos in the tiny burghs speckled throughout SEC country. Churning out content for half-literate drunks who name kin and fowl alike names like "Bear" and "Peyton". Anyway, this little ditty comes from the Times Daily in Florence, Alabama. It breaks down the September 17th game between the Ags and Auburn at Jordan Hare. The timing of this game is interesting. Both Auburn and A&M have massive Week 1 games (Clemson and UCLA, respectively). There's a very real possibility that one of these programs could have their second loss by the end of Week 3. Regardless how this shakes out, the SEC West is a zero sum game, and someone's hot seat is getting cranked to "SWAMP ASS" setting. Also from that piece:

Garrett is one of the lone bright spots to an Aggies defense

Gotta love good research like this from a dying industry.

SMH YOU FEEBLE MINDS WHO THINK FOOTBALL IS FUN. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND BUSINESS. Doctor Camacho investigated a bunch of young Horn football players who have the gall and lack of commerce and GAME THEORY sense to suggest A&M and UT playing football against each other. The nerve. Now, here's a 112 slide PowerPoint deck I will present to you on TexAgs why playing this game is bad business. The unspoken, overarching theme to not wanting this game is that it fits snugly to being an un-fun pussy. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Dare to embrace hate and beat someone you loathe, kids.

BIG 12 MAKING PLANS TO MAKE A PLAN. Try to woo your exes back, Big Twelve. It's worked in my life, like, twice.

IMPORTANT: START EVOLVING QUICKLY. If you can become this beautiful specimen, you can get in all the car crashes you please. Fun! Maybe all football players will look like this someday.

Have a nice Thursday, you guys.