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Daily Bull 07.20.16 - Opposites Attacked

“I have regularly attended a sports in a coliseum building and experienced your human emotions fully at the time.”

definitely a human Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

NOT JUST CHICKEN SCRATCH In case you hadn’t heard, workout enthusiast, breakfast enjoyer, and walking YETI campaign J.J. Watt is no longer the highest paid defensive player in NFL history. That distinction now belongs to Denver’s most affable chicken farmer.

THESE ARE WORDS I AM ACTUALLY TYPING This is a link about BIG XII expansion. It is excitedly written by the SB Nation blog for USF. This is another sentence with no jokes that can be added to the situation.


Ryan Nanni over at EDSBS covered this pretty thoroughly, but it still bears repeating. Remember two things the next time you ever vote for anyone to do anything: 1) that they absolutely do not understand you at all, and 2) that if the Israelis advance to the Gaza Strip they think the Palestinians should root for them just so someone local wins.