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Munch Madness Champion BLACKWATER DRAW!

Blackwater Draw was voted best restaurant in College Station by our readers

Blackwater Draw sign

After a huge string of upsets in Munch Madness, 10-seed Blackwater Draw defeated 2-seed The Dixie Chicken by a razor thin margin to win our 2016 tournament. Congratulations to all restaurants who participated and especially those who made the top 16. We will be sending out stickers to commemorate your tremendous accomplishments. No, we have not delivered the 2015 stickers yet.

Next time you’re on Northgate, visit both of our finalists and let them know how important Munch Madness is in your lives. Now, we continue with our regular offseason programming (nothing). Happy 4th of July.

Championship Results

Munch Madness Results

Final 2016 Munch Madness Bracket

Click here to download the PDF

Munch Madness Bracket