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We Love You, Louisiana

Thinking of Louisiana this morning

Dawn in Louisiana
Chuck GBH

Things are always about more than football, except when it’s just football. And even then, it’s complicated. If you’ve ever seen day break on the bayou, the warmth of the earth slowly dissipating the gray shrouds of night fog as the brassy salt tang of the Gulf permeates the air, you have known the peace and beauty of our neighbors to the east. Unfortunately, that peace was shattered once again yesterday morning.

A few years ago, Chuck wrote this very beautiful piece about Louisiana during LSU week. It’s a story built on tragedy, like so much in history, but it reveals the spark of the spirit within Louisianans that makes the state so unique.

A Cajun is not arrogant about Louisiana, but neither is he apologetic. He neither needs nor wants your affirmation of what he already knows in his heart: that Louisiana is the greatest place in the world.

Louisiana is as special a place as you’ll find in this country, and we’re sending our love to Baton Rouge in heavy doses this morning. Louisianans are resilient and proud, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take an extra minute to think about them today. Let our spirits be strong together.