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Garrett, Hall, and Kirk lead Texas A&M Football in pre-season watchlists

Defensive ends and wide receivers lead the charge on preseason award recognition

Arizona State v Texas A&M Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Awards Watchlist Announcement Season is almost winding down, giving us about 7 weeks to argue about which of the hundreds of players involved are over- or underrated. We believe that our Aggie players are properly rated in garnering this much attention. Except that none of our safeties are on the Thorpe Award watchlist.

Myles Garrett’s watchlists:

Christian Kirk’s watchlists:

Other Aggies on watchlists:

Still a lot of offseason left before we find out who’s really earned it, but that’s a healthy dose of Aggie names on the awards radars. Watchlists aren’t always precursors to success, but they never hurt anyone either.