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Daily Bull 7.15.16: 50 days away

"Fifty percent of people won't vote, and fifty percent don't read newspapers. I hope it's the same fifty percent."
- Gore Vidal

FIFTY? THAT’S ONLY TWO QUARTERS! And y’all, I haven’t been this excited about two quarters since the Mike Sherman era.

Yes, there are only fifty days until our home opener against UCLA on September 3rd. And yes... the football talk has cranked up over the past week, culminating in SEC Media Days and the polls and prognostications that usually follow.

We can’t avoid it any more. The silly season is upon us.

#MadAggieTwitter lost their minds had some perfectly reasonable constructive criticism for the journos that dared pick us fourth, but I understand the national media’s take here: To them, we’re an average SEC program without Johnny. That’s what we are until we show them we’re something else.

Our man stringsays laid out a great think piece about the expectations for next year that is definitely worth the read... but the national perception will always lag behind. They are done picking on promise and hope. They have to see it.

Here’s hoping we finally change that perception this year.

ANOTHER ONE. Coach Sumlin booked another #YESSIR last night, this time from three star Dallas Kimball linebacker Devodrick Johnson.

Those parting words from our friends at Burnt Orange Nation look more and more ridiculous with each passing week.

The Kevin Sumlin vs. Charlie Strong recruiting battle is over. Charlie Strong won. All that is left is to officially hold the funeral.

IN OTHER IMPORTANT OFFSEASON NEWS. You won't find a better #taek on Trevor's love life than this, so I'll let this tweet stand on its own.

FORCED BASKETBALL SEGUE. Remember that early season tournament last year when #AggieHoops beat Texas and Gonzaga on a nasty blue floor in the Bahamas? That was fun, right? Well, we aren’t going back, but we finally got our formal bracket for next year’s big preseason tournament, the DirectTV Wooden Legacy.

The field isn’t quite as strong, but we have every chance of making the finals and winning this thing. If all goes well, we’ll stuff our faces with turkey against the backdrop of an early season trophy celebration.

SPEAKING OF TURKEY. I’ve got a burning question about LSU.