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Kyle Field to open for Pokemon Go event

Come to the hallowed football grounds to find imaginary electronic pets

Popularity Of Nintendo's New Augmented Reality Game Pokemon Go Drives Company Stock Up Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

You may have heard of the craze that is sweeping the nation these days called “Pokemon Go.” If you’re unaware of the specifics, here is a handy primer. Since Texas A&M is on the cutting edge of society and technology, it’s no surprise that Kyle Field will be opening in order for people to come in and find Pokemons:

Some other features in the works for the event include:

  • Delicious Pokemon Dogs from Kyle Field Concessions
  • Gabe Bock bobblehead (considered the rarest of Pokemons) distributed to first 12 nerds through the gates
  • Scrumptious Pokemon Nachos 1/2 price all afternoon
  • Nerd who catches most Pokemons gets to walk-on at linebacker
  • Pokemon races during TV timeouts
  • Adidas Pokemon glow-in-the-dark uniforms for 11 am games
  • Buy one XL Pokemon Juice in special-edition commemorative cup, get 12% off second one.
  • If a Pokemon is in a tuba, it is off-limits
  • Pokemons were not allowed on the field until recently because of Kyle Allen’s crippling and irrational fear of them
  • Try a delicious pulled-Pokemon sandwich today!

School officials are just happy that a productive use for Kyle Field WiFi has been found.