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Daily Bull 6.9.16

6.9... nice

RIP Olde Hate Barn in the background
RIP Olde Hate Barn in the background

MaroonU Super Regionals

WE TALKING BEISBOL. The SUPES start tomorrow at the Olsen Ice Cream Tub sponsored by Blue Bell - NOW with less listeria!

Ohhhhh, y'all. It's a big one. The narratives aren't light on this tilt and you'll be enraged and burnt out on all of them before first pitch:

  • Rematch!
  • Texas, by God
  • Transfers!

Keep your internet dial tuned to GBH as we give you timely-ish coverage of all the happenings. Our leader cup interviewed one of the leading minds in college baseball. He spoke with Kendall Rogers of It'll have you primed for this weekend. Also - you saw the baseball hype video, right? It's amazing. Watch again.

MEDIA - YAWN. The journos got their crack with the baseball team in preparation for the weekend's games. Were the questions interesting? Is Cheddar's worth waiting an hour for? These are the riddles of our time.

I SAW MYLES AND MYLES OF TEXAS A&M. ESPN released a preseason All-American list in early June because #content. Natch, our man Myles Garrett is listed. He will be a wealthy, wealthy 21 year old this time next year.

Have a peach of a Thurdsay, you lovable scamps.