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Daily Bull 06.08.16 - GBH Lands A Recruit

CBS thinks this is the home of the 9th man

NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Texas A&M Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

MaroonU Super Regionals

WE NEED MORE DETAIL ABOUT SICK EDITZ, SIR We are very excited to announce the addition of Jay Arnold to the teeming multitudes of our contributorship. He's a five-star blogger, and I hope he doesn't punch me too hard for writing that. Do yourself a favor and go read his firsthand account of what it's actually like to be a recruited high school football player. It's interesting, it's enlightening, and it costs $0.00 per month.

GIRRRRRRL THAT'S LIKE DENNY'S TO GO The Auburn Tigers were down 7-0 and looked ready to hand OU the WCWS, but that was before a homerun-robbing catch led to a walkoff grand slam. The series is tied and the next game decides the national champions.

ALBRITTON TOWER IS STILL OUR WASHINGTON MONUMENT THOUGH CBS released their Aggie Mt. Rushmore yesterday, which is a pretty great idea that I wish we had thought of two years earlier. These two monuments are 3/4 the same, which means we must go to the poll to decide who the 4th member should be.