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Daily Bull 6.30.16

"You can't get romantic on a subway line
Conductor don't like it, says you're wastin' your time
But everybody wants some
I want some too
Everybody wants some
Baby, how 'bout you?"
- Van Halen

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^^this t-shirt voted for Ted Cruz as Class Clown^^

TRENCH WARFARE YESSIR. Look, we all get excited when we see a #YESSIR and it's a WR or ATH, but the long term success of the Sumlin regime in the SEC is going to have to be built up front. No shortcuts in the SEC West when Alabama is rolling three-deep full of blue chips in the front seven. Coach went on up to Okie to poach a center by the name of Creed Humphrey. With a name like that, you're born to play center in the Southeastern Conference.

While the pearl clutchers, media, and rivals might have left Sumlin for dead, the fruit being yielded on the croot trail right now suggests the program could very well be moving in the right direction again. Whoop.

ZZZZ SCHEDULIN'. Texas A&M and Texas State agreed to a one-off game at Kyle Field in 2019. The Bobcats join the Roadrunners on the 2019 slate of non-Longhorn Texas teams that Ags will play. Glad bureaucrats with petty pride are foisting this shitty scheduling on us. God forbid one of college football's most storied rivalries is played in that $500 million shrine y'all built onto yourselves. "Good for the state of Texas? Good for college football? Heh. Here's Southwest Texas State, plebes. Full retail on those duckets."

SEC X FACTORS! COOL! The ESPN SEC blog examined who the biggest X factors are for all 14 teams. These are the guys that must step up for their team to achieve their goals. Surprise, surprise - you know the drill for the Ags;

In February, head coach Kevin Sumlin brought back Jim Turner for a second stint leading the Aggies' offensive line, and he'll be entrusted with overhauling a thin, inexperienced unit. Texas A&M surrendered 2.9 sacks per game in 2015, tied for 107th in the nation, so Turner's ability to turn around a porous line might just be the key to the Aggies returning to form on offense. In its first year post-Johnny Manziel, A&M maintained a solid 6.3 yards per play (No. 26 in the FBS) but flatlined in 2015 with 5.6 (No. 69).

Things need to get fixed fast for a unit that was listless, soft, and a technical mess in 2015.

Have a great Thursday, gang. Maybe we'll argue about the Huffington Post in the 'mments again. Kinda cool?