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Daily Bull 6.23.16. Let's talk more delicious HATE.

"I been bad, I been good,
Dallas, Texas, Hollywood.
I ain't askin' for much.
I said, Lord, take me downtown,
I'm just lookin' for some tush."
- ZZ Top

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I'M HIP TO YOUR SWAG, FELLOW KIDS. cuppy and Wes had a nice sit-down interview with the OG of @AggieFBlife, Ivan Licon. Ivan Licon is a helluva name for a Bond villain or Rocky opponent. I digress. AggieFBlife was on the vanguard of major football programs leveraging social media to essentially advertise to recruits. This is not the stuffy, polished, we'll-sue-your-'12th Man'-phony ass Texas A&M brand talking to elite high school football players. This is a cool-as-hell-persona that speaks the language of high school dudes. Ivan has since moved on to a position within adidas Football. Tune in to hear about concept uniforms, A&M social media, and memorable encounters with your favorite Aggie footballers.

SILL BIMMONS. Speaking of OG's, Bill Simmons has a new show on HBO. You think snarky bloggers make no money*? Simmons is racking in $20mm over three years from HBO. That kind of scratch can buy a lot of soup and bad movie tickets. Our buddy Actually Brandon takes a look down an important hypothetical - what would it be like if Bill Simmons were an Aggie fan?

*haha what is money

LISTS! It's the off season, so naturally, journos produce lists. Hard to blame them. No one actually reads anymore. None of you are reading this right now. You've already scrolled to the poll question to satiate your need to be heard by clicking a vote option. Dopamine is fun and cheaper than cocaine. I get it. Here's content for you:

The NFL brass is super bullish on the talent on the A&M roster making moves to the next level. Here's your TOP 16 College Football games that will have the most future NFL players:

  1. Alabama at LSU
  2. Texas A&M at Alabama
  3. LSU at Texas A&M
  4. Alabama at Tennessee
  5. Alabama at USC
  6. LSU at Florida
  7. Alabama at Ole Miss
  8. Tennessee at Texas A&M
  9. Clemson at Florida State
  10. UCLA at Texas A&M
  11. Michigan at Ohio State
  12. Florida at Florida State
  13. Ole Miss vs. Florida State
  14. Louisville at Clemson
  15. Ohio State at Oklahoma
  16. Notre Dame at USC

Crazy, huh? A&M is in a quarter of those games. The SEC WEST represents ten of those games. The NFL seems to be quite high on Myles Garrett, Christian Kirk, Armani Watts, Avery Gennesy, and Daeshon Hall. Makes sense. Sprinkle in Donovan Wilson, RSJ, and Reynolds, and our much-maligned squad is truly stacked with talent. Time to put it all together.

GET EXCITED FOR CROOTIN'! MAYBE? Bud Elliott over at the mother ship argues that QUALITY over QUANTITY is key for recruiting. He identifies A&M as being buoyed in the team rankings due to the sheer volume of croots committed in June for a February 2017 class. True, but I'd posit that casting a wide net on 3-stars will yield some guys who really are of 4 and 5 star potential.

SMH eSIPn HATES US AND THEY'RE PROLLY RIGHT. A roundtable of journo lackeys over at the worldwide leader were asked which ranked SEC teams are getting over-hyped. Surprising no one, the journos are wary of a ranked A&M team in the summer. Why I never. A&M always lives up to preseason expectations. I think the only answer here is to become aggressively indignant and sabotage said journos' twitter accounts. Mount up, AggyTwitter.

Have a peach of a Thursday.