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Daily Bull 6.2.16

"I was known as quite a boy
Yes I was
Down in Alabama
They call me the man of joy
Still do
Well, I'm a ramblin' man
Don't fall in love with a ramblin' man."
- Waylon

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

^^^good shoes if you're an orderly at a Florida nursing home^^^

DAT MAKES SENSE. While I was a grad student at Notre Dame, the College Football Hall of Fame was in South Bend. The Hall was eventually ripped from South Bend and moved to Atlanta due to general malaise, resting on laurels, and probably something to do with satellite camps. Rust Belt, man. No joke. Anyway, we held a formal event at the Hall and yours truly got so cranked on rail whiskey and Budweisers that I started running through the drills in the interactive portion of the Hall. NOTE: it's hard to execute the Oklahoma Drill in a Brooks Brothers suit with some aspiring Indian kids who know more about cricket than proper pad level. We were eventually thrown out of the hall, but I had converted the Indians to college football.

I digress. The College Football Hall of Fame announced their 2017 ballot. Dat Nguyen is on it again. You won't find a more qualified person for that Hall. Gig 'em, Dat.

THAT'S A LOGICAL IDEA I HATE IT. The SEC coaches gathered where all new money Southerners go who are afraid of foreign countries. That's right - Destin, Florida. On the docket were a number of things including a centralized replay function that would hopefully bring a level of consistency and objectivity to a flawed process. This all makes sense in early June, but just you wait until we start the conspiracy talk of the replay stooges in Birmingham being in Saban's back pocket. FUN.

IDK MORE SATELLITES. The topic of satellite camps continues to be a hot button issue for SEC coaches hell bent on protecting their talent-rich, resource-rich commonwealths from Rust Belt vultures. Sumlin has thoughts/concerns.

IS THIS GQ OR BEISBOL. Brent Zwerneman examines the unique looks of the A&M baseball team. Crazy scamps with their rockabilly hair and their beards. Make them adhere to the corps look imho.

Have a nice Thursday. God willing, we won't be flooded away and there will be baseball tomorrow.