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Daily Bull 6.16.16. Let's talk schedules.

"On a rig out of El Paso, rainin' down in Houston,
Told the truck driver put the pedal to the metal cause Houston gets me down.
On down to Louisiana, Whiskey River Landing,
Crawfish pie and eat jambalaya with a big ole coon ass smile."
- Ryan Bingham

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

TOP TEN - HELL YEAH. Preseason polls are fun. With each release, we get an opportunity to get insanely indignant toward whatever journalist churned out this piece of clickbait. If we can get the journo threatened with deportation, termination, and afraid - all the better.

The Ags are popping up on some preseason predictions. Our buddy and best-in-the-biz Bruce Feldman slotted the Ags all the way up at No. 15! Not bad for a team with a lot of promise, but also a lot of question marks. Bruce moved the Ags up to No. 10 though in an even more prestigious poll - Power 5 Teams with Soft Schedules.

Evidently Prairie View, New Mexico State, and UTSA does not a good schedule make. That's halfway to bowl eligibility -yippee. This kind of scheduling is not good for Texas A&M and it's not that great for college football. And spare me all the arguments about how we're doing poor schools a favor by beating the shit out of them and scratching a six figure check for the trouble. There are ways to work around that charity with the poors getting what they need. Furthermore, you College Football Gordon Gekkos who always know "what's good for business" can kiss my pasty Irish ass. This is dumb business. Smart business is playing those chumps down the road every year.

Here's what a schedule should look like:

  • NINE SEC games
  • Ditch the November FCS charade
  • Random Power 5 school (UCLA, Arizona State, Oregon, Wisconsin, Clemson, Minnesota, whatever)
  • Easy, regional match-up (Rice, SMU, etc)
  • Texas

BRINGS ME TO THE NEXT POINT. Over at the mother ship, they simply detailed why and how each big conference should ditch the ideas of divisions. I think this is a capital idea for the SEC. Do you realize we haven't played Kentucky in football and won't until 2025? Set up three annual conference games for each school and then have a rotation of six more games. In this hypothetical, A&M's three annual conference games would be:

  • Arkansas
  • Mizzou
  • LSU
It's hard to argue this trio. I know many of you would like Alabama in that group, but Alabama has a shit ton of history with many league opponents. These three make sense from a historical and geographical perspective.

Those are my big picture rants for today. What's on your mind?