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Daily Bull 06.15.16 - What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Oh that's right you won the SEC

Olsen Field wide night

This weekend things did not go the way we hoped, and the Aggie baseball team will not be heading to Omaha. They did still manage a #1 ranking, an SEC Tournament win, and a host of other accolades while packing the stands in record numbers. It was a great season by any reasonable definition.


That’s not a thing that college fans in general and Aggies in particular are. And when it comes to angrily firing coaches, maybe the most reasonable and intelligent people still don’t actually know what is the right move.

[puts on old man pants]

There once was a time when we could all yell really dumb things out loud to our friends, perhaps in a bar or a rumpus room, and those things would be heard and then forgiven and forgotten never to be heard again. Well these days we yell into our social media bullhorns so more people can hear that you think Nick Saban couldn’t coach his way out of a leg-wrestling match with an infant. That sentiment is recorded and saved for posterity so future generations can know what an ass waffle you are.

It’s #WednesdayTrendsday, so let’s use the magic of crappy middle-management graphing techniques to examine just how colossally stupid fans sound. I give you The Aggie’s Guide To Firing Your Coach.

A couple of notable items:

  • Coaches who have won a national championship benefit from the fact that the opponent can’t really score on him again for seven months until the season starts again.
  • In true Aggie fashion, we can still defy logic and state with absolute certainty that if a team was capable of scoring on [coach] the day after he won the national championship, some idiot part of our brain would immediately call for his dismissal.
  • Maybe sports just aren’t for some of you.

So the next time the Ags are down or they lose the big game, be disappointed - I certainly will. But maybe think twice about taking your frustrations to social media. After all, you never know when one of the players who worked his ass off all year will publicly put you on blast for being a jackass.