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#AggiesInTheMLB: 2016 MLB Draft Edition

It's been a bit longer of a wait than some anticipated, but Aggies are finally starting to come off the board!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It's a joyous time for college baseball. The NCAA Tournament is into its Super Regional round, with sixteen teams still fighting their way to the College World Series and hopefully a national championship. But right smack-dab in the middle of all of this is the MLB Draft.

The MLB Draft is an awesome thing. So many kids grow up playing this sport dreaming of playing for their hometown team in Game Seven of the World Series, and with up to 40 rounds of selections, hundreds of those kids get the opportunity to play professional ball each year.

There are always sure things in each draft, and there are also many surprises along the way. So many guys who arrive at their respective universities hoping to be drafted one day, but most of them never get that opportunity. So when you see a guy play up to a level where he starts to get noticed by pro scouts, that makes it all the more exciting.

A sincere and heartfelt congratulations to the hopefully many Aggie Baseballers to get drafted this week! Gig 'em, Aggies!

Here's a running list of Fightin' Texas Aggies who have gotten that phone call:

4th Round

124th Overall: Nick Banks to the Washington Nationals

133rd Overall: Jace Vines to the Kansas City Royals

5th Round

138th Overall: RHP Ryan Hendrix to the Cincinnati Reds

145th Overall: RHP Mark Ecker to the Detroit Tigers

7th Round

199th Overall: OF JB Moss to the Atlanta Braves

9th Round

276th Overall: C Michael Barash to the Los Angeles Angels

10th Round

294th Overall: 3B Boomer White to the San Diego Padres

306th Overall: RHP Andrew Vinson to the Los Angeles Angels

13th Round

397th Overall: 2B Ryne Birk to the Houston Astros

14th Round

424th Overall: RHP Kyle Simonds to the Washington Nationals

18th Round

530th Overall: 1B Hunter Melton to the Colorado Rockies

20th Round

592nd Overall: RHP Brigham Hill to the Oakland Athletics