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Daily Bull 5.26.16 - we're talking baseball

"Despite my rejection of most Judeo-Christian ethics, I am, within the framework of the baseball season, monogamous."
- Annie Savoy, Bull Durham

AIN'T NO TIME FOR BELLYACHIN'. The baseball team lost yesterday to the very good Vanderbilt Commodores. The Ags held the lead several times throughout the game but no matter. Vandy would not go away and scored the ultimate go ahead run in the top of the ninth with a pinch hit solo bomb off the bat of a kid who had yet to hit one all season. Baseball. Sometimes it's paint drying, sometimes it's a kick in the balls.

There's no rest now. The Ags are going to have to fight their way through the losers' bracket with some more morning baseball. Today they'll be facing the South Carolina Gamecocks at 9:30 AM. How's about a big day for the bats with some sound pitching? Deal?

OH HEY LET'S TALK THE QUARTERBACK POSITION AT A&M. Our pal Brandon Wheeland ('Wheels' to his friends and enemies) is settling in nicely to his new role at SEC Country. In his latest installment, Wheels breaks down where we stand at the quarterback position after the House of Divas finally collapsed on itself. Left in it's wake? A bunch of traits that are basically porn to Ags:

  • Christians
  • Humble
  • Call journos and other undeserving grown men "sir"
  • "Happy to be here and compete"
Truth is - these are some really solid guys and we might be in for a much more stable, drama-free season on the offensive side of the ball.

COACH TALKING SEATS THAT ARE TOASTY. Sumlin had a lengthy discussion with Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel that covered a whole host of topics from him being on the proverbial Hot Seat to Johnny Manziel to Myles Garrett's growth as a player. It's really good and should leave you excited for 2016.