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Daily Bull 5.25.16: Baseball with a side of pancakes

There are only two seasons - winter and Baseball.
- Bill Veeck

SEC EAST FOOTBALL AMIRITE. Vanderbilt sunk the Mizzou Tigers 7-0 in the opening round of the SEC Tournament, and they'll advance to face your Fightin' Texas Aggie Baseball squad today at 9:30 am.

Quick, without looking... did the Mizzou/Vanderbilt football game have more than seven points? Are you sure?

(Editor's note: Yes. Barely. Vanderbilt won 10-3, and I'd watch every dang play if it was live right now.)

YES WE SAID 9:30 IN THE MORNING. Chin up, weekday warriors. Wear some subtle headphones to work and strap on your best Lou Brown impression, because it's time for a little Wednesday morning Aggie Baseball.

For the fortunate among us who can land a TV, the game is available on the SEC Network or WatchESPN. The rest of us can follow via Dave South's baseball announcing, which is nothing short of amazing. Matt's got your official preview scrambled up and over easy.

One final note: This game is a top ten match up, because every baseball pairing in the unbelievably difficult SEC is a top ten match up. Yes, every pairing between all fourteen teams. I promise.

Don't fact check that.

ITS ABOUT TO GET WEIRD IN MORGANTOWN. Do you like slow basketball and unburnt couches? Then the last weekend in January might not be your cup of tea. The SEC formally announced next year's slate for the Big XII/SEC Basketball challenge, and we drew a tricky away trip to West Virginia.

The Mountaineers sit at #15 in the ESPN early preseason poll, while our Aggies sit comfortably at #19, and the game is billed as one of the premier pairings of the day.

We're a legit SEC Basketball draw now. I know, I know. It sounds weird. Just repeat it until it sounds normal.