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The Five Best RC Slocum Shirts of the '90s

R.C. Slocum
straight up cool

So we're feeling a bit nostalgic. Yesterday we wrote the Sidelines piece and now the #BestPartOfThe90sWas hashtag is trending. The '90s were pretty dang good for Texas A&M Football, thanks mostly to RC Slocum. Here's a walk down memory lane to visit our favorite RC Slucum shirts

The Pensive Casual

The parallelograms on the right panel say "sports!" while the rigid logo on the left breast screams Business. This is the perfect mix of strait-laced and casual for a defensive-minded coach plowing through the SWC. Why does he look so anxious? Probably just allowed positive rushing yards to SMU or something.

The Holiday Champion

There is nothing subtle about this shirt. it's made for two things: glad-handing donors at expensive Riverwalk restaurants and beating Michigan in the Alamo Bowl. It's got all the cornerstones of any '90s polo: diagonal lines, huge block font, and a contrasting collar. Call Indiana Jones, because this shirt belongs in a museum.

The Olde Type

When midseason rolls around, it's finally cool enough for every '90s sportingman's staple: the gray sweatshirt with large, arcing letters. Pair this sucker with some nice khakis and maybe a collared shirt and you don't even need to change after beating up on Southern Miss before you head out to Cafe Eccell for a special post-game dinner. Just lose the hat and shades and you're in full coach biz caz.

The V-Extreme

This is business casual on steroids, and bold as you like. White after Labor Day? Check. Huge, plunging neckline? Check. Constricting elastic waistband? Check. Classy arcing block-letter logo? Check. This is a man on a mission who can quickly clip on a white tie to that maroon polo and be ready to play golf in Scotland. The Most Interesting Coach In The World.


No description needed.


We know there are many more excellent '90s RC Slocum shirts so post pics in the comments.