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Daily Bull 05.18.16 - Actual Good Bull

A rare opportunity to just talk about good things.

WE ARE GOOD AT SO MANY THINGS THAT AREN'T FOOTBALL Most notably at the moment is Texas A&M decathlete Lindon Victor, who was recognized as the NCAA Division I Athlete Of The Week for his record-breaking score of 8446 this weekend. Knowing nothing about the decathlon you should choose to assume this was scored out of 10.

DID HE HAVE ANY COMMENTS ABOUT BEING ASS MY DUDE? Nick Starkel is here to compete, as friend of the program Wheels reports. Remember, all players who decommit are assholes except ones who decommit to come to A&M like Nick. After recently also publicly calling out a known QB/cologne model, I like this guy already.

THIS MOVED EVEN OUR COLD DEAD LITTLE HEARTS Lufkin Panthers coach and former Aggie football player Alton Dixon received a surprise when some friends got together to buy him the Aggie ring he never could afford. This is very good bull, and so a mandatory moratorium of 3 months will be observed before Aggies inevitably demand that he turn in said ring for some reason or another.