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FORE Play: Watch some Aggie golfers in Dallas at the Byron Nelson

The PGA Tour has a two week layover in Texas, so lease a BMW and head out to the TPC Four Seasons this week.

Aggie PGA Tour player Bronson Burgoon
Aggie PGA Tour player Bronson Burgoon
Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Aggie's Playing This Week

Ryan Palmer

Bronson Burgoon

Martin Piller

Conrad Shindler (Conrad plays on the Canadian Tour, but qualified on Monday for the AT&T this week)

Where Are They Playing

AT&T Byron Nelson - TPC Four Seasons Resort Irving

Catch the television coverage as follows:

Thur-Fri: 3:00-6:00 pm CST on Golf Channel

Sat-Sun: 2:00-5:00 pm CST on CBS

Player Spotlight

Bronson Burgoon was the hero of the 2009 A&M National Championship in men's golf.  During the championship matches vs Arkansas, Burgoon had lost four straight holes in match play and now came to the 18th with the team's championships on the line.  He sailed his tee shot far right into the deep rough.  He was left with a 120 yard wedge shot with a ball nestled deep down in the thick grass.  Bronson hit a beautiful wedge and his second shot rolled within 3 inches of the cup.  His playing partner conceded the birdie tap-in, and after missing his long birdie putt, the Ags had sealed a national championship for the first time ever in men's golf.  (Side note: That was the first national championship for an A&M men's team since 1939.  WOOOF!!)

Bronson's had a bit of an up and down season so far this year, but maybe being back in his home state can help him get a hot streak going.  For a little more bio, here's an interview with Bronson on the PGA Tour's website from last summer.

Why You Should Watch

The Byron Nelson is a great chance to get out and watch some of the best players in the world.  It's also a wonderful chance to people watch and see the "Dallas Bro and Fembot" in the wild.  Not every PGA Tour stop allows you to watch 5 strippers shitfaced on tequila and Xanax stumble around the grass in 5 inch pumps.  If you like to have drinks, catch a little golf, and max out your credit card to impress slutty chicks, the Byron Nelson is the perfect place.  If you want to just watch golf at a classic venue, wait another week and hit up the Colonial in Fort Worth.  I'll give it some love a week from now.

The 19th Hole

With the tour stopping off in Irving, the mecca of leased Mercedes and McMansion's, you should probably just slam back vodka tonics and lie about your income level.  But instead, let's look at some local beer options.  Dallas is a little behind other areas of Texas when it comes to the local brewery scene, but they do have a couple of solid offerings.  Out of the Lakewood Brewery, I'd suggest the Rock Ryder American Rye Wheat.  It's a good beer and a good reminder that not everything has to be hoppy-hops-IPA.  The Deep Ellum Brewery also offers up some nice local beers as well.  The Easy Peasy IPA and Neato Bandito both are great for warmer weather in Texas.