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Where does Texas A&M's quarterback recruiting turn next?

It's been a rough few months for the Aggies' quarterback room as a string of high-profile transfers and one de-commitment have drastically altered future depth charts. Let's take a look at who Texas A&M may be targeting.

Kevin Sumlin loves what he sees from potential signal callers.
Kevin Sumlin loves what he sees from potential signal callers.
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Texas A&M's quarterback depth chart looks a little bit different than it did 6 months ago, 12 months ago, 2 years ago well, anytime during Kevin Sumlin's tenure.

Let us pour one out for the dearly departed: Kenny Hill, Matt Joeckel, Kyle Allen, and Kyler Murray, we barely knew ye. Tate Martell has a year of high school to complete and somewhere Kohl Stewart is (we assume) tearing up Class A ball.

We here at GBH prefer to think about the good times, the Heisman Trophy, the promise of Trevor Knight, and the seemingly limitless talents of the ginger assassin, Conner McQueen (#swoon).

So where does the reformatted offensive staff look for the next QB? While we're still waiting for our wealthier friends that can afford pay sites to send us the names of the most recent offers tracking down the latest individuals that A&M is targeting, we have a few ideas.

The West Coast Stud

Snapshot: He's 6'4", 200, with rumors of a modeling career on the side. His dad played at San Diego State in the early 80s and has quite the influence on his sons decision. Rocket arm, calm in the pocket, and has offers from everyone in the country.

After three visits to College Station, he changes his Twitter background to a tasteful Benjamin Knox limited-edition Northgate print. Whispers swirl about an intense cross-country romance with an Aggie Hostess when she suddenly attends La Jolla homecoming. As the fall progresses rumors of an impending commitment swirl.

Verdict: He's definitely signing with UCLA.

The Dual Threat

Snapshot: ALL THE UPSIDE. This young man averages 23 points a game on the basketball team, has been clocked at 94 mph while taking the baseball team to state, and leads the team in rushing, passing, receiving, and end zone celebration dances. From three states away - wow - you can really see how with just a little bit of coaching and polish this guy is going to be the next quarterback sensation.

A closer look at the stat sheet reveals that he shoots 17 3's a game, has a walk to strikeout ratio of 6:1, and his passing tree consists of a small flowering branch to his all-state running back. No regional schools have offered him as a quarterback, despite his Twitter claiming he Skypes with Saban "almost every day." An official visit two weeks before signing day has Aggie fans ecstatic.

Verdict: He's definitely going to Florida St., completely falling off the radar, reappearing at safety his junior year, and getting drafted in the 2nd round after a combine workout that can only be described as explosive.

The Small School Phenom

Snapshot: Checks in at 5'9" and 168 pounds, with most of that weight found in his lunchpail. Threw for 5,300 yards and 47 touchdowns last year, which also happened to be the season his Class A district was introduced to the 'spread offense'. Holds the office of class president, valedictorian, and reigning west Texas debate champion. He really, really wants an A&M offer.

Verdict: His recruitment never really recovers after the bombshell revelation that he has sent Kliff Kingsbury over 1,700 DM's since the beginning of his junior year. Goes to Sam Houston St., quits after a year, wins 3 consecutive intramural titles and will go on to be the greatest State Farm salesman the greater San Antonio has ever known.

The Three Star

Snapshot: He plays in a medium-large suburb outside a major metropolitan area of Texas. While he didn't start until midway through his junior year, he put up impressive stats, and has performed really well at camps before his senior year. Coaches rave about his work ethic, to the point that some question if he even has a Snapchat account.

His senior year begins with a string of victories over higher-profile schools, and rumors begin to swirl that "bigger schools" will be offering soon...

Verdict: He's definitely signing with A&M. And 50% of the time, he'll work out every time.