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A&M and Texas face off again (but still not in football)

Aggie Softball takes on the Longhorns in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Vladimir Rys/Getty Images

Aggies who put all of their emotional eggs in the Men's Tennis basket were sorely disappointed on Sunday, as Texas A&M fell to non-rival Texas in the second round of the NCAA Men's Tennis Tournament. But mere hours later, Aggie fans were given a second chance for bragging rights when a Texas A&M vs. Texas pairing was announced in the first round of the NCAA Softball Tournament.

As the team's reaction to the pairing shows, this is clearly still not a rivalry.

This is the third time this spring that the Aggies and Longhorns have been placed in a championship bracket together, presumably by complete coincidence. In addition to the men's tennis match this past weekend, the teams would have met in the second round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament were it not for a half-court buzzer beater by Northern Iowa to upset Texas in the first round. A&M them famously went on to beat Northern Iowa with ease in a game they clearly controlled throughout.

The reasons why A&M and Texas don't play in football (or every sport, for that matter) have been hashed out dozens of times. They're complex, political and emotional. But more than that, they're dumb. As much as the losing side hates to admit it, these games have meant so much more than they would have against anyone else.

Sports are fun. Playing your rival is fun.