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Daily Bull 5.13.16

"Tonight I'm rolling up north
Back to where I pay the due
Tonight the answer's Austin
For the Comal County blue"
- Jason Boland

Winslow Townson/Getty Images

^^^ tumbler is good for hiding mom's Riesling after she saw her son squeeeze at Kyle Field^^^

NO REST FOR THE BEISBOL BATS. The SEC is a damn good league on the diamond. Football got all the attention when we joined the conference, but we knew in the back of our minds that baseball was going to have its hands full.

The SEC has SEVEN teams in the Top 15!

The Aggie beisbolers will face yet another Top 10 opponent as they take the road show to Columbia, South Carolina to take on the Cocks. It's the second-to-last series before the SEC tourney in Hoover. Here are the deets on how to tune in this weekend. Be on the lookout over here at GBH for detailed previews and analysis.

Friday 6:00 PM SEC Network +
Saturday 6:30 PM SEC Network
Sunday 3:00 PM SEC Network

GOOD BULL IN HAITI. No autographgate. No helicopter dads. No diva bullshit. Just some damn good dudes helping out their fellow man. The drama gets all the noise in the press, but the 2016 Texas Aggie football team is chock full of great young men. Gig 'em.

LET'S TALK DUMB INJURIES OK? Piggybacking on the great topic being discussed over at Everyday Should Be Saturday, take to the comments and talk about your embarrassing injuries.


I ran full-on sprint into a barbed wire fence on a ranch in Montana at dusk. Damn thing suprised me as the finish line tape in the only footrace I've ever won. I slammed into the fence and flipped over it ass over teakettle. I had several puncture marks all over my legs and torso, but my junk was remarkably unscathed (thanks, Irish curse).

Oh, and I was buck ass naked when it all happened.

Happy Friday.